Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are visiting Spring One of a Kind Show!

We will be visiting spring One of a Kind Show tomorrow!
Very excited to explore one of a kind goodies by many wonderful and unique artisans in Canada.
Stay tuned for our upcoming tour blog post :-)

Here is the link to the 15% discount if anyone needs just in case.

Our goal is to be a part of the show next year ;)

More info of One of a Kind Show



내일 2014년 토론토 One of a Kind Show를 구경하러 갑니다!
좋은것들 많이 보고 찍고 블로그에 정리해서 올릴려고 합니다.
기대해주세요 :-)

그리고 내년에는 꼭 쇼에 참가할수 있게 되길 바라며 열심히 하는 Heavenlee Days 되겠습니다^^ 화이팅!

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