Friday, October 24, 2014

Recycling #1 - Business Card holder

Hi all!

We Heavenlee Days love recycling :D
It is the way to save money and also to save our one and only Earth!
Plus you get to learn a lot from crafting, because there's a lot of problem solving skills and thinking is required to make something out of used stuff.

But the best part is that you can express your creativity ;)

So we were making this business card holder and thought maybe we can make a blog post about it!

So this little cardboard folded thing(?) came into our eyes while talking about displaying cards effectively.

Then we head over to our workspace and started cutting!

It looked like mini pizza box! haha

Now we're going to glue the top part and...

Our cute little recycled business card holder is made!

We will try to make more blog posts about our recycling tips and tricks. Stay tuned ;)

Have a Heavenlee Day!

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