Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to be Eco-Friendly # 1 - Using Replaceable tooth brush!

Today we would like to introduce
How to be Eco-Friendly Series post!

As a start we would like to introduce the toothbrush that we used for years, the replaceable head toothbrush.

This is a replaceable toothbrush!
It comes with one toothbrush and one spare head and replaceable heads come with 3 heads in a set.

It will reduce the amount of plastic waste from household.

When its time to get a new toothbrush, you just need to buy the replaceable head and replace it and it is like brand new :)

We sometimes feel guilty when throwing out the old toothbrush because the brush handle is still in good condition and replaceable toothbrush is a great solution for it.

There are more brands that make replaceable toothbrush like this one so be sure to check out your local stores!

We would like to share more posts like this and also want to hear your tips and tricks on staying eco-friendly in your everyday life :)
The series will be called How to be eco-frienldy.
Feel free to share your own tips and tricks down the comment!

Hope this post helps to live more eco-friendly :)

Have a heavenlee day!

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