Monday, December 15, 2014

Custom Greeting card for Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada

We had a great opportunity to work with awesome organization, Wycliffe Canada-Korean ministry!
Wycliffe is a ministry serving minority language groups where they don't have bible in their own language.   

To translate God's Word into the language of the minority groups, especially when there is no letter or character 
in the language is not a simple project.

But thankfully, Wycliffe's passionate effort and lots of support from volunteers have made it possible 
and the number of translated bible is certainly increasing. 

This Christmas we had the great chance to design Wycliffe's 
Thank you + Year end greeting card.

The concept was "God's highway builders"
The bible translation has been made through prayers, education, financial support, on site support and so many other fields and help from many people.  

Each person, individual talent is the God's highway builder who made it possible in the process of such a meaningful project.

You can check more information about Wycliffe from the website below

Have a heavenlee day :)

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