Monday, December 22, 2014

You can find Heavenlee Days at Mission Cafe in Light Church (큰빛교회)

Good news right before Christmas!

Now our cards are sold at the Mission Cafe @ Light church in Mississauga!

Located on 6965 Professional Court, Mississauga ON.

기쁜소식을 전해드립니다 :) 
저희 Heavenlee Days 제품들을 이제 큰빛교회 선교 카페에서 구입하실수 있답니다!

We love the logo of the cafe :)

저희가 듣기론 큰빛교회 청년들이 카페를 위해 많이 수고했다고 했는데 정말 로고가 눈에 딱! 들어오는 로고 였습니다 :)

The cafe has coffee & tea and variety of Korean drinks and pastries!

Besides the drinks and dessert, the cafe also sells books, CDs, post cards, pictures, handmade candles and of course our greeting card and mini notebooks :)


Here is our little Heavenlee Days area at the cafe!
All the displays are made out of recycled cardboard boxes like always.

저희 제품들은 카페 안쪽 캔들 옆에 있습니다~!!
이번에도 박스를 재활용해서 디스플레이를 만들었어봤습니다.

We only have small collection at the moment,
but we will be expending soon in the new year so stay tuned!

새해에는 더 다양한 아이템들을 배치할 예정이니 기대해주세요~ ^^ 

Have a Heavenlee Day!

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