Monday, June 22, 2015

Reuse & Recycle

Hello :) 

Hope everybody is enjoying the summer. 
Although its coming very slowly here in Toronto ;)

Today we would like to share our love of Recycling.  
Almost every material in our market display or in our retail stores are made out of used cardboard boxes and materials we find in our recycling bin.   

So far we've made card display, business card holder, market signs and art print chipboard and much more.   

Another recycling habit that we have is we keep every scrap paper and use them to write notes and sketch ideas for new design.
We have a whole stack of them in our studio :)
Never have to buy papers!

Recycling & reusing reduces waste and saves money too. 
Isn't it awesome? Plus, we are getting better and better at building things out of cardboard! 
Our love and passion for recycling will never stop and we will continue searching for much more ways to reduce waste and be kind to our planet.
Wanna join us?


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