Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Heavenlee Days @ Christian Culture Festival

Heavenlee Days was participating at the Christian Culture Festival on last weekend and we would like to briefly show you guys what it was like and share the love!

We had so much fun meeting local people and Christians.  

It was held at the MacDonald House at Thornhill.
This house used to be the house of J.E.H. MacDonald who was a member of group of 7 artists! Isn't that cool? The garden was beautiful and the walk path was popular walk for the neighbours. It was just beautiful and slightly felt like we were in heaven♥

There were various of dance and music through out the day. We could not see them all since we were in the house selling the cards but we took turns to watch and listen to the shows and music.

These are painting from Haiti.
Missionary from Haiti bought these paintings for the past few years and brought them to Canada to showcase them to the people.

And light themed pottery and calligraphy from Korea.
It was very beautiful.

There was also a mini movie theater for the short films made from Torontonians from tHere Movement!

And us heavenlee days had a booth on the first floor beside the snack bar. It one of the best events combined with art, music, dance and movie. Thank you all for who stopped by and say hi! We had a great time with you guys and hope to see you again next year!

Hoping for more these kinds of events in Toronto :)

Have a heavenlee day everyone!

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