Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blossom and Bloom 2015!


Last weekend we went to Blossom and bloom 2015 show!
The weather wasn't treating us well, but the show was very nice and we wanted to show you some of the vendors :)




There were about 10+ vendors and each had unique products!
It is not the biggest show but certainly has quality products and vendors to take a look around.

Also it is located right at the heart of Main street Uninonville so if you are here for the walk or food, make sure you drop by and check our the show!

We usually come here for the walk, if we knew that this was happening from long ago we would definitely set the dates to make a visit :)


This table was cool because they came to advertise their local library.
They had some interesting programs that were very Eco friendly, did not know libraries have these programs. 

These shows are really good for engaging with the local community.
 Shop local and support local :D


Handmade all natural cleaning solutions!




Some vintage products were also available!



And lastly, our beloved Heavenlee Days booth with the collaboration of Heather who is a ceramic artist. Her products were lovely and she usually does sample sales for these shows which is a great deal! Many people bought the rose magnets by the way ;)

Want more info? Visit here!

Have a heavenlee weekend!

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